Motion Detector

This playlist has been created for use with audio files, and works very well with our AP 01 Audio Player. However, it can easily be adjusted to play videos to use with the MP 01.

For help in adjusting this playlist to your requirements, please refer to the manuals.

AP 01      MP01

All required files can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.


The AP 01 waits until it receives an input. When an input from a connected motion detector is received, it will play a file 001.mp3. During playback, further inputs are locked out to allow the file to finish playing. Inputs will also be locked out for a period of time after playback has finished to ensure the file does not start again immediately as the visitor is leaving the area.

The lockout time is achieved by playing a silent audio track of the desired length. In the download below a 30 second file is included. In order to adjust the lockout time, you can create a silent track of the desired length using a free audio program like Audacity.


The first line, sw_active=1, is required and tells the player the reed contact is not in use.

[Content 0] has a picture file that will play ‘silence’. Due to the Loop command it will continue to play ‘silence’ until it receives a trigger on input 1 (Jump1).

It will then jump to [Content 1] which is your audio file that you would like to play. [Content 1] has no Jump1 command, so even if it receives an input from the motion detector on Input 1, it will not do anything.

After it has finished playing, Succ=2, means it will then play [Content 2] which is a silent audio track of length 30seconds. This also has no Jump command so will effectively lock the player out until it has finished playing the file. Succ=0 means it will then return to [Content 0] and can accept a new input again.

No extra lock-out time

If you want to allow inputs again immediately after your file has finished playing, then [Content 2] needs to be removed and the ‘Successor’ number of [Content 1] should be changed to 0.

Note: This can cause the player to start playing immediately again as a visitor is leaving the area, potentially causing the next visitor to arrive part-way through the file.


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