MP 01 – Picture Folder

This article will show you how to implement a folder of pictures as a slideshow to your MP 01 playlist. For help in adjusting this playlist to your requirements, please refer to the MP 01 Manual.

All required files can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.


The MP 01 will cycle through the pictures in the picture folder as a slideshow ‘Teaser Loop’. When it receives a trigger on inputs 1 or 2, it will then jump to their respective video file.


The first line, sw_active=1, is required and tells the player if the reed contact is in use. In this case, it is not.

The [Content 0] file association declares the name of the folder you wish to use, in this case ‘photos’. It will then play a slideshow of all of the pictures within this folder. Transitions and Slidetimes can also be set here. Refer to the manual for more information.

The loop command at the end of [Content 0] tells the player to do this until it receives a command to do otherwise.

The Jump 1 & 2 commands, tell the player which [Content #] to play when that input is received.

The Succ=0 command tells the player to return to the slideshow in [Content 0] after the videos have finished playing.


Folders can be used under any content number and are not restricted to [Content 0]. For example, the ‘Teaser Loop’ could be a video and the inputs then select different folders with pictures.

Folders can also be used to play other types of media, though it is suggested to limit each folder to one type. For example, it could be several videos in the folder that it cycles between.


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