MP 01 Media Player

MP 01 Media Player


The Molitor MP 01 Media Player plays back audio, video and picture files in premium quality and boasts practical functionality. Audio and video files can be saved onto a commercial SDHC memory card or USB stick and then played back on the MP 01. Alongside classic stand-alone use in museums and exhibitions, the MP 01 is suitable for many other uses such as information offices, point of-sale installations or for permanent background music.

Please read these instructions carefully before connecting the media player and using it. The connection and start-up procedure should only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Features of the MP 01


The MP 01 can provide video up to Full HD 1080P. Connect your MP 01 to your screen or projector via a HDMI cable.

General Purpose Inputs

The inputs to your MP 01 can come from standard buttons or sensors and require a close contact to trigger the input. When wiring multiple inputs, we suggest wiring a common ground in parallel. This will reduce the amount of wires coming into the ground socket of your GPIO.

General Purpose Outputs

The MP 01 has 9 switchable 12v outputs that are internally limited to 20mA and one permanent 12v output that is limited to 1A. The switchable outputs can be programmed to turn on, off or blink depending on the current file being played.

Line Output

The 3.5mm Line Output provides a nonadjustable line level signal for connecting to amplifiers and active speakers.

Wiring your VIA or USO

For mono handsets like the VIA and USO, one side of the audio needs to be wired to ground (GND)

Note: If you do not wish to use the auto-start function of your handset, then the yellow and green wires should not be wired into the MP 01.



The Molitor MP 01 can be setup quickly for commonly used functionality by using one of the included playlist scripts on the SD Card that is provided with your purchase. If you just need the audio to loop, then simply delete the playlist file and all audio will be looped automatically in alphanumeric order. For more unique functionality from your MP 01, you can simply edit the ‘playlist.txt’ using your favourite text editor and follow this guide. When you are ready, simply save and copy your playlist.txt and video files onto the top level of your SD Card, and insert it into your MP 01 to test. 

Functionality of Included Playlists

Teaser Video with Buttons (Default Playlist)
This will play one video in a loop and up to 9 further videos can then be selected at any time to play via button or trigger. Once this video finishes playing it will return to the initial looping video. It will also turn on all GPIO outputs during the looping video and blinks the outputs 1-9 during their respective videos. This allows the simple addition of button indicator lights.

Alternative Playlist with Reed Contact
Use this playlist alongside an audio handset that has a reed auto-start function.
This will play one video in a loop ( until a handset has been lifted from the base. It will then switch to a second looping video and behave as the above playlist. Once the handset is returned to the base, it will return to the first looping video.

Important Note: The default playlists have been created to work with .mov files using the naming style, for the initial looping video and,… for the selectable videos. The names and file types can be adjusted with instructions on how to do this later in this guide.

Playlist Overview

Playlist details

Player Setup:

These two lines are used to determine how the auto-start function works on your MP 01.

Important Note: If you do not wish to use an auto-start handset, then the above two lines should be replaced with: sw_active=1

For further information on how to setup your MP 01 with an auto-start handset, please see ‘Utilizing a Reed Contact’ below.

Content number and file association: 

[Content0] will play initially when a reed handset has been picked up, or simply when the device has been turned on if no reed input is being used. 

All other [Content#] can then be triggered or played automatically based on how you setup your actions.  Associated file names including extension must be the same here as the file name you wish to play. These names and extensions are case sensitive. 

Note: The Molitor MP 01 supports .mp4, .mov, .mpg, .avi, .mkv video formats up to 1080P. It also supports .jpg picture files.

Actions and triggers:

All actions and triggers are dependent on which [Content] is currently playing. This lets you use the same triggers for different actions, when different files are playing. Any compatible sensor can be used as a trigger, e.g., a simple button or an IR motion detector.

Common Actions:

 JumpX=Y                       This will start Content Y when trigger X is received                                                                      eg. Jump1=4                 Change to Content 4 when a trigger on input 1 is received             

 Pause=X                         Pause/Resume the content when trigger X is received                                                               eg. Pause=9                   Pause when a trigger on input 9 is received 

 Volume=X                       Change the volume of the player to X (1-10). The player will remain at this volume until it                                               is manually changed or there is another Content with a different volume level command.

 Switch_all=ON             Turn on all voltage outputs of the MP 01 during this Content

 SwitchW=X[Y:Z]            W – one or more output numbers, X – in which way they are turned on, Y – from what                                                     second it is turned on, Z – at what second it is turned off                                                         Switch 3, 4, 7=ON          Turn outputs 3, 4 and 7 – On                                                                                                     Switch2=Blink                Make output 2 blink                                                                                                                           Switch9=On[7:15]          Turn on output 9 from 7 seconds until 15 seconds into the file

 Succ=X                             Content X will start playing after the current track has finished playing.

 Loop                                 Content will loop until it receives another command to change Content.

Utilising A Reed Contact

When using a handset with a reed contact, there are several important details to include in your playlist.

As stated in the Playlist Details under Playback Mode, two lines need to be included at the top of the playlist.txt.

sw_active=0                      Utilise a Normally Open reed contact. (Use this with a Molitor VIA or USO)                              or                                                                                                                                                                                                    sw_active=1                      Utilise a Normally Closed reed contact.

stop-content=X               When the handset rests in the base, go to Content X.                                                                  stop-content=10               Go to [Content10] when the handset has been returned to the base.

In order for the player to return to the [ContentX] when the handset returns to its base, each other [Content] needs to have an extra Jump10=X action. Jump10 will not use one of the physical GPIO inputs and so still allows full use of the Molitor MP 01s functionality.

Note: If stop-content=X is not written then the screen will just go to black instead of jumping to a specific file.

Content Folders

Sets of media files can all be played together under one content number via folders. Files will be played back in the order in which they are copied to the folder. This allows for very simple file changing without the need to adjust your playlist. Just add or remove the files from the folder as necessary.

In order to set a folder, it is done via the file association.

Eg. File=foldername/*.*


A folder of pictures can be set together to form a slideshow. Playback can be adjusted with these commands.

Slidetime=X                Display each image for X seconds

Transition=X               Defines the transition mode from one image to the next                                                                                                        

Saving your Playlist

Ensure there is one empty line at the bottom of your playlist.

Saving to your SD Card

Ensure that all of your media files and playlist.txt file are saved to the top level of your SD Card. Folders will be ignored unless they have been programmed to be read in the playlist.txt file.

Important Note: This should be done on a Windows PC because the Apple operating system will create hidden files that can interfere with the smooth running of your MP 01.

Serial Control via RS-232

The MP 01 can be controlled through the Mini USB socket via serial commands.

Please use the following parameters when you use the RS-232 Serial Port:

Baud Rate 9600/ Data Bits 8/ Stop Bits 1

Sample Playlist Downloads

Various sample playlists are explained and can be downloaded from the Player Scripts section of our support website. Any additional files required have also been included and can be replaced with your own media.

Link to Player Scripts

Printed Manual

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