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This article will show you how to create a one or two button file cycling playlist. It can be used with both the AP 01 and the MP 01. File names and extensions in the supplied playlist will needed to be adjusted. The length of the playlist will also need to match the amount of files you wish to play.


The AP 01 and MP 01 can be programmed to perform different actions when it receives an input, depending on which Content is playing. This allows you to create a program that cycles through many files using just one or two buttons.

For additional help on programming your player, please refer to their respective manuals.


With Reed Contact

When creating this playlist with a reed contact, the player will wait until the handset has been lifted and will always start with the file that is in ‘Content 0’. Users can then either cycle forwards or backwards through tracks with the Next and Previous Buttons. When a file finishes it will automatically continue on to the next file. When the handset is replaced, it will return to silence again.

sw_active=0 should be the first line in your playlist file.

Without Reed Contact

The player will always be playing a file, but users can skip forwards or backwards to different files using the Next and Previous Buttons.

sw_active=1 should be the first line in your playlist file.


As seen above, under each [Content], Input 1 (Jump1), jumps to the next [Content #] in the list, while Input 2 (Jump2), jumps to the previous file.

The Succ (Succesion) command under each [Content] tells the player which track should play after it has finished playing that [Content]. In the example above, it moves to the next file in the list. ie, When [Content 2] is finished playing, Succ=3, means that [Content 3] will start playing.

Above is shown a playlist for 4 tracks, Content 0 – 3. In the downloadable example below, the playlist has been written for 10 tracks, Content 0 – 9. This can be shortened or lengthened, depending on how many tracks you need to play.

Important Note: The ‘Previous Track’ button (Jump2) in [Content 0] will need to jump back to the last track in your playlist. The ‘Next Track’ button (Jump1) and the Successor (Succ=) in your last [Content], need to cycle back to [Content 0].


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