DIO Headphones with Reed


The DIO headphones with reed/auto start function can be used to start and stop your content automatically. This can be done when connected to a media player that can be programmed to accept this input like the AP 01 or the MP 01.

Wiring your DIO with Reed to a Molitor Media Player

The wiring of the DIO with Reed is similar to our standard VIA and USO handsets, however the wires for the reed input come from the hanger and not the headphones themselves.

The headphones should be plugged in as usual into the headphone jack of the player; the volume of the output can be adjusted via the volume knob.

The reed input wires come from the included headphone hanger. The two wires from the hanger should be wired into the Reed and GND inputs of your Molitor AP 01 or MP 01.

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