VIA Induction Handset

VIA / USO Induction Handset


The Induction Handset requires two separately controllable signal paths from the signal source (speaker and loop amplifier). The signal for controlling the loop amplifier should have a line level to be able to calibrate the installation according to the performance standard EN 60118-4.

Signal path

Induction Handset wire colours:

  • Blue/Green and Pink/Grey Pairs – Induction Loop
  • White – Audio Positive
  • Brown – Common Ground for audio and reed contact
  • Yellow – Reed contact

The line level output from your audio source should be connected to input one of your LA-70 loop amplifier using the included adapter cable (5). The handset loop wires (Blue/Green and Pink/Grey pairs) are connected to the Loop output of the LA-70.

For mono handsets like the VIA and USO, one side of the audio needs to be wired to ground (GND). The handset speaker wires (White Positive, Brown Ground) should be connected to the adjustable headphone output of your audio source.


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